I have seen nothing, I have seen all

لم أر شيئاً، رأيت كل شيئ

Duration: 19 min documentary

Production country: Syria, Lebanon, Sweden 2019

Written & Directed by: Yaser Kassab

Producer: Mohamad Ali Atassi & Yaser Kassab 

Production company: Bidayyat for Audiovisual arts & Zenloop productions

Film editor: Rima Alhamedd

Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu


After talking about the end of the war in Syria and the start of the reconstruction phase, thousands of kilometers separate Yaser in Sweden from his parents in Aleppo. When both find themselves compelled to transfer the grave of the younger brother from the public park.




- In Arabic

"لم أرَ شيئاً، رأيتُ كلّ شيء": حين تصبح المقابر السورية "كومبليه" ندى الأزهري

- Lost outside time/ Francesca Borri

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