On The Edge Of Life

على حافة الحياة

Duration: 45 MIn documentary

Production country: Syria, 2017

Directed by:Yaser Kassab & Rima Alhamedd

Production company: Zenloop productions

Sound Mix: Bertrand Larrieu


Yaser transcendent from a remote and an empty rest stop in Turkey the process of mourning after losing his younger brother in Aleppo, a relationship with his father has been evolved to a strong emotional connection, although the noisy voice calls and messages




-سوريا.. على حافة الحياة ٩ أبريل ٢٠١٧ محمد موسى

-تنويعات وثائقيات سورية في السرد والجمالية 30/07/2018 علاء رشيدي