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"Chasing The Dazzling Light" got the best first feature documentary at IDFA

Members of the jury were greatly impressed "by the filmmaker's total command of the cinematic language, using very simple, even austere elements and a clever and insightful sense of humor to tell a complex story about exile, family loss, nostalgia, loneliness, and to do so in a self-reflective, dignified and moving way."

We are delighted to share with you that our new film, 'Chasing the Dazzling Light,' has been selected for its world premiere in the official competition of the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival IDFA, which will take place from November 8th to November 19th.

We're delighted to share that our new film, “Long Take” has been selected for its world premiere in the national competition at the 42nd edition of the Uppsala Short Film Festival, which will take place between October 23rd and 29th. 

World records Journal in their latest volume address the questions "How do generations engage in political struggle together, even as their horizons diverge?"

and they published several articles that reflect on the Syrian cinema.

Nicolas Appelt writes an article "Bidayyat \ Intimate Exile"

As part of the colloquium "Creations proof of exile of war" at Université Sorbonne,  Camille Leprince will present an analysis of the Syrian film On the edge of life by Yaser Kassab and Rima Alhamedd,  the/ panel Genres, shapes, spaces from 11:45 to 1.15 p.m. 

DOKUMENTÄRFOTOSALONG 2020: KAOS at Norrköping arbetarmuseum

Photography exhebition at Oslo City Campaign, Berlin City Campaign

ON THE EDGE OF LIFE – Prix du jury

de Yasser Kassab (Syrie, 2017, documentaire, 44 minutes)

Rima and Yasser fled Syria. They are in Beirut, then somewhere in Turkey, as prisoners of an indefinite no man’s land. Yaser Kassab films his companion Rima, the soulless decor where they found refuge, the moon, the pupil full in an eye of black clouds. And everywhere resonate the words of loved ones left in Syria, the guilt of not being there to survive or die with them.


"On the edge of life" as a Best documentary and Best mid-length documentary at Tirana Film Festival

Jury's motivation:

"A heart-rending personal essay on grief and uprooting, on the limbo states of existence"

"On the edge of life" best -mid-length documentary at  Festival dei Popoli 

 jury's motivation:

 "Both lyrical and personal, this film relates an urgent and all-too-common experience today employing a unique cinematic language which creates an important space for contemplation. A story of survival in a contemporary moment of uncertainty, the film gathers textures and images which attest to displacement and struggle but also their representation. Generous, open, subtle and filled with unsuspecting poetry, this film demonstrates how art, cinema and human connection are integral to existence in dire circumstances."

European Foundation Joris Ivens  jury's motivation for the award as a best first film in the 39th edition of cinema du reel film festival.

Yaser Kassab transcend the process of mourning, developing a particular cinematic treatment of space, both internal and external.